7 Pro Tips to Choose Your Dissertation

Pro Dissertation Tips
The selection of a dissertation topic is very simple. When I had to complete my dissertation topic, I found it very difficult. In this situation, if some points are noted down, students can select their topic easily. If I could find someone who would let me know of this, I would have been less worried. Students from undergraduate, Masters, as well as PhD programs, can go through these points which can help save their time and avoid stress factors.

Interesting Topic:

The dissertation topic needs to be as per your interest. Prefer to go for a simple topic rather than that which is unique one. Unique topics require a lot of effort and give the least rewards. Unique topics insert a part in knowledge. It helps in exploring new ideas. But it requires lots of hard work. That is why selection of simple topic is preferred. Its not a big deal if someone has already worked on that topic. Here, a point of interest is that you can understand the topic in an effective manner. Then work on the flaws within that research. Unique input is great start for a beginner, but other people will work on that topic within future through a better way as compared to you.

Employment Aim:

Ensure that selected topic helps you in your career and is related to it. The first thing that I recommend to all students is that they should have a clear idea about their aim. What kind of specialization do you want in the future? Then match your topic with that aim. Check if the selected topic places a benchmark within your field. A very common question is how this research helps in creation of advancement in the current century. Most students do not prefer researching as a profession. They want to conduct good research only to gain good grades and academic acclamations. But if you want to pursue research in the long run, it is very important to ensure effective standard of research for writing a dissertation. Because all of this is connected with your future plans and goals, making it highly essential to be considered.

Current Topic:

It is more suitable to pick up the kind of topic which helps in exploring the current problem of an era. In the same way, that topic needs also to be as per your interest. You should have a clear idea of the problem and all things that are related to this. Find out if it’s enhancing your interest or lowering it down. If it makes you frustrated or curious. Make it clear if you can reflect more about it or not. Go through your past work, if you have any. If it was a good experience or not. Are you curious to know more about that or not? If so, then focus towards whether you found it interesting or not. After all this analysis, you can judge better regarding dissertation is best suited for you.


Students go for difficult and complex topics to include uniqueness within their research. But it should be as simple as possible. The master plan needs to be very clear for all. The initial and detailed explanation of a research needs to be simple in understanding aspects. It is very hard to explain the complexity of research to all. This leads toward a blank wall. To avoid all the unhappy endings, make your research simple. If the initial stage of the research is simple, it would be easy to continue with it. Same as if the start is complex, then it would not be easy to handle that in a simple way. Make sure you aim small and keep it simple in all aspects. Check if it’s about description, calculation or analysis of the research. Keep yourself focused on the task and its working.

Measurable Aim:

The simpler you make your research, the easier it will be to measure and focus. It should not contain a large number of research members. This is possible in the case of qualitative research work. Also, it is a case to handle the arguments in case of quantitative research. But quantitative is also the right one to be select. It is important to conduct high research supervision for any quantitative topic. So check out the circumstances. Then go for qualitative or quantitative research. For very first research work, it should be qualitative research. Because qualitative research is easy to achieve on beginner level. Prefer quantitative research only when you understand it completely. Quantitative research is not easy to handle on a large scale. But if you planned to continue research work through long terms, then it is a good opportunity to explore more.

Explore the Internet:

There are many ways to get rid of this confusion if you still find yourself in turmoil about selection of the dissertation. Explore all topics that fall under your interest. Also, go through research papers and journals in detail. Find out if these journals and research papers are easy to understand. If it enhances your interest in that topic or not. Critically analyze the pros and cons of the topic. See what topic is the need of hour. Analyze the study need of all interesting dissertations. Then finally complete your dissertation for the research.

Stand by Your Selection:

After finalizing the dissertation, you have to think about newer ideas performing all learning activities. Complete your dissertation wisely because it is not an ethical practice to change it. So once you go for this, lock it and do not let confusion enter in your mind. Make it your track and go for it. Make it a potential for you. Put a stop to all other topics and focus on the selected one. Thus, the selected dissertation must pave your path in future and make it easy for you to create a benchmark. Select your supervisor very carefully. All parts of your research need good supervision from an expert. Your advisor must be the expert of your dissertation. After the advisor’s selection, trust him for his guidance.

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